A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Movie Review

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Movie Review

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.


Why did I come to this movie again?

All I knew about this movie going in was that it was about Mr. Rogers. I was never a stalwart fan of the show as a kid—I preferred cartoons—but I did watch enough of it to “get” this movie.

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I thought the reporter and his wife were amazing! The reporter’s relationship with his father was…well…at first I thought it was too cliché. It’s not hard to figure out that his father is a real jerk and that the reporter hates him. Pretty standard. However, as the movie went on the audience learns little things that make it unique, and when the reporter yells at his father about how his mother died…ack! So powerful. And his apology to his wife after he runs away for a bit. So. Good. These moments made me want to be a better writer.

Okay, I might get shot for this, but while I thought Tom Hanks did a good job, I could tell he was acting. Does that make sense? His Mr. Roger’s persona felt forced to me, and I’m not sure why. It’s not like I know that much about good acting, and Tom Hanks fully got the character across, for some reason Mr. Rogers felt wrong. Fake. Part of the story was to let yourself believe that this man was just that good. It didn’t quite work for me.

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Did I care what happened?

Yes. Even when scenes between the reporter and his father or his wife made me squirm in my seat, I was riveted to the screen.

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Plot Holes

I honestly didn’t notice any plot holes. As a matter of fact the hubby and I spent the whole of the credits and the drive home talking about how tight the writing was and how the dang movie made you feel like ten times.

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How many times did I yawn?

None that I remember. I didn’t catch the hubby dozing off like usual, so that’s a pretty good testament to how well the writers and director kept the tension going even during slower parts of the film.

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Cool Factor

I loved the little effects they put in with Mr. Roger’s neighborhood and that same style they used for New York and other areas.

I honestly expected a little more nostalgia in the realm of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

One thing that I laughed about is that the movie was trying to make the 90’s nostalgic, which makes me feel old. Very old.

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The End

Beautiful. Loved it.

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Overall Enjoyment

It takes a really good drama for me to like it, and I did like this one. I saw a few reviews online saying it was too “feel-good.” Uh, did they ever watch Mr. Rogers? That’s kind of the point of the whole show. Great reminders for children as well as adults on how to cope with our feelings when they become overwhelming.

A fun fact: I spent the whole movie trying to figure out where I’d seen Mr. Roger’s sort of body-guard before. Bill was his name in the show. I finally had to go to IMDB, and I found him in none other than Galaxy Quest! I might not have ever figured that out.

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That’s a Black Belt!

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