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How to lose Pandemic in Less than Ten Minutes: Based on True Events

 “Who’s first?”


“We need to get to Asia.”


“Look at all of those disease cubes! If there’s an outbreak we’re screwed.”

“It’s literally the first card in the deck. There’s not going to be an epidemic. And even if we do get one, it will only be bad if we draw Hong Kong.”

“Then I guess I’ll go cure Washington.”

“I’ll move to Asia on my turn and take care of it.”

“One. Two. Cure and cure. Give me Two cards…Oh look, an epidemic.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Very first card.”

“Who shuffled?”


“Stop laughing.”

“But it’s kind of funny.”

“Give me a city card…Hong Kong, really?”

“We’re screwed.”

“Wait, wait, it’s not that bad. Look, it’s only…oh man.”

“Then this city has an outbreak, and this city has an outbreak. Hand me some more cubes.”

“This is your fault.”

“What? I shuffled, I swear.”

“That’s the problem.”

“That’s three outbreaks.”


“Oh yeah, four.”

“Pretty sure that’s not supposed to be possible in this game.”

“Well, it is called pandemic.”

“You know we lose if that outbreak token gets to the end of the line.”

“Uh, well, then no more outbreaks.”

“Better get to Asia.”

“On my way.”

“I can transport you there on my next turn.”

“Great. That should take care of it.”

“Good. Good. Keep it under control in Europe.”

“I thought we were worried about Asia.”

“Holy crap, epidemic card.”

“Is that even possible?”

“If it’s literally the top card of this pile. Again. Stop laughing.”


“For real?”

“Then this city has an outbreak, and this city has an outbreak. and this city has a…and we’re dead.”

“I didn’t even get a second turn.”

“Neither did I.”

“Let’s forget this ever happened and start over.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

Stay tuned for a new format for Flash Fiction Friday in July. You’re going to love it!

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Tery Binkerd

June 19, 2020at 12:29 pm

total satisfiction!

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