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All dialogue this week. Just for funzies.

“How long we been here?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Probably a couple of days.”

“Feels lots longer.”

“It does.”

“You know, I tried counting seconds, but got lost somewhere after seven hundred,” she said. “I kept seein’ Danny’s face.”

“You should forget about him.”

“Why? You think they tellin’ the truth? You think Danny was workin’ with them aliens?”


“How could you think that?”

“He’s the only person that knew where we hid the children.”

“And you think they got the kids?”

“They got us.”

“We don’t know what got us.”

“Humans don’t normally shove people in the back of a space ship and then turn out all the lights. Not to mention that we lost gravity some time ago.”

“Is that why my hair is wavin’ around like an octopus?”

“And likely why you’ve thrown up twice.”

“Naw, that’s because I’m almost three months pregnant. Sorry about the throw up floating around.”

“You’re pregnant?”

“That’s right. Danny’s the father. We got plans to get married.”

“What about your husband?”

“Him? He’s a worthless git. I started divorce papers last week.”

“A lot of good that’s going to do now.”

“Right? Maybe those aliens got him.”

“I have a feeling they got a lot of people.”

“You mean killed or locked up like us?”

“Probably both.”

“What you think they’re gonna do with us? Dissect us? Study us? Make us their slaves?”

“You watch too much TV.”

“And movies. It’s all in there. If only Danny were an alien, then my baby and I would be safe.”

“Where did you draw that conclusion from?”

“Don’t matter who you are, if the baby is kin then they won’t kill it.”

“You may need to adjust your expectations of this little journey.”

“Why’s that? If they wanted us dead they would have killed us already.”

“You might be right about that.”

“You know I am. I watch all the alien invasion shows.”

“How do you know that Hollywood got it right?”

“Because if anyone on the planet is a bunch of aliens, it’s them idjuts in Hollywood.”

“What about the rednecks from Kentucky?”

“Them? Naw. They’re plain folk with family issues. I get them.”

“I see.”

“You seem pretty smart. If you tell the aliens you’re smart, they might let you be a scientist for them.”

“How gracious of them.”

“Right? Ugh. My hands hurt from being strapped down.”

“Keep moving as much as you can. Keep your muscles going.”

“Good thing they put this catheter thing in, or I would have peed all over by now.”

“We’re very lucky.”

“True that. Oh, I’m getting tired again. I think I’ll sleep.”

“Go ahead. I might join you.”

“How long we been here?” she asked.


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