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The Monster Under the Bed is just Trying to Help!


Day 1

This place is dusty and dark, just as I prefer, and I thank the owners for their courtesy. I have settled into my accustomed spot under the bed, and will take the next few nights to get to know the temperament of this child.

Day 4

The child, Jaxon, is as most children of this age—addicted to video games and easily bored. I have discovered a boogeyman lurking in the closet, which explains the reason for the accursed night light which restricts my access to half of the bed. So I lurk in the shadows. I do not know why Jaxon was crying before he went to sleep. Perhaps he can sense the boogeyman.

Day 6

I have decided to designate the boogeyman Frank. He is clever, using the shadows cast by the duo of night lights to creep toward Jaxon’s bed. He was surprised when he met me, and limped away to recover from the lashing I gave him.

Day 10

Jaxon sat huddled in the center of his bed all night. Frank slipped around the edges of the light, hoping to gain access to the child, but I once again kept him at bay. After an hour of circling, he slunk back into the closet. I have sent my first report back to headquarters, and I await instructions.

Day 18

Jaxon spent a week sleeping in his parents room. Probably wise, since his fear was giving Frank power. Now that Frank’s reserves are depleted, Jaxon is safe to return.

Day 19

I am beginning to question my assignment here. The parents are telling Jaxon that there is no such thing as monsters. Do they not remember the boogeyman in their own closets? Has the passage of time dulled their senses? My report will reflect this. I have often held the opinion that the ignorant do not deserve my protection.

Day 31

It has been some time since Frank has made an attempt to get to Jaxon. As I feared, he was hoarding his power for a greater assault than his previous attempts. He waited until Jaxon was back to one night light before he attacked. I almost didn’t notice the corner of the blanket touching the floor until it was too late. I  quickly yanked the blanket off the other side of the bed. The light burned me, and I will need time to recover, but Jaxon is safe.

Day 32

Jaxon’s father searched the room thoroughly. I can only wonder at the man’s meaningless gestures. He should know that adults can no longer see our kind without wearing a bracelet of copper and brass. But the man has perhaps gone mad, because after his search he proclaimed the room completely monster free. Why would he lie to his child?

Day 44

Frank attempted to get to Jaxon twice more, and I have repelled him both times. If they would turn off the blasted light I would be able to surround Jaxon’s bed and Frank would not be able to get through. As it is, I have had to use every wile I posses to keep the resourceful boogeyman at bay.

Day 50

Jaxon has spent the last two nights terrified. I can smell his fear. Taste his desperation. Frank can sense it as well, and he grows stronger. In an attempt to comfort Jaxon I stretched my presence around the shadowed side of the bed and swaddled the boy’s hand in darkness. He woke up screaming. I assured him I was there to help. He ran to tell his parents. Finally. Progress.

Day 59

Apparently I was mistaken about the progress. Jaxon’s father brought some sort of spiritual man in to dispel the dead that may be lurking nearby. There are none, and the primitive ritual did nothing but make Frank giggle.

Day 61

Frank has been emboldened by the sheer idiocy of Jaxon’s parents. He tried to get to the boy eighteen times in the night. Without a full cloak around the bed, I will be unable to protect him. Jaxon continues to cry until he falls asleep, and has rejected all forms of my comfort. I am going to send an emergency report for direction.

Day 70

It happened, Frank found a way to render the bulb in the night light inert. It happened so fast I barely had time to surround the bed. Instead of staying within the protection of my powers, the foolish boy fled. I followed his shadow and kept him safe until he made it to the door. Straying so far from my appointed spot drained my powers, and I was no match for the furious boogeyman. I barely got back to my sanctuary before Jaxon’s father came in. Without concern for the victory I had just won, they shinned a light under the bed, illuminating my wretched form as I tried to regenerate. Instead of thanking me, they screamed and ran.

Day 71

Considering the treatment I have received here, I have decided to relocate. Jaxon’s father has called another spiritual guru to cleanse his home. It may work, but I no longer care. I plan to ride the night wind to a house down the street, where a young girl is being stalked by a poltergeist. This will all be in my next report.


Instead of rolling, I had an idea for this one!

I hope you liked it. 🙂


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