Potential Cover Reveal and Excerpt

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Potential Cover Reveal and Excerpt

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Ta-Da!Here we have the cover for my next novella!

This one is about Brady, a character in my New Sight Series. He’s the funny, geeky, overprotective one. I had a great time writing this story.

Alfred Stringer did the design fort the cover, including the rune for touch. Cool, right? The story is with my editor now. It should be out in a few weeks. Until then, check out this excerpt. You know, to tide yourself over.

Brady had only been out to the countryside a few times in his life. Ancient, scratchy hedges rounded the patchwork of fields that rolled as far as he could see. It reminded Brady of something he’d learned in school. If Britain had to, they could support everyone in the country with the food that they grew. He liked that.

He also liked to remember that while the British Isles were small, they’d moved the world more than once.

And now he, Brady Moore might be the first, real-live superhero. Ever.

How awesome would that be?

But he’d read enough to know that it wouldn’t be easy. He had to figure out what he was dealing with before he got too excited.

The two mile run took its toll, and he ended up walking the last bit. A light drizzle started, and he was glad he’d brought a jacket.

The glade he’d chosen for his experiment came into view. He looked around and smiled. No cottages in sight and no roads to speak of. There were two other trails, but once he was in the trees, he’d be almost invisible.

He jogged the rest of the way, eager to start.

Once within the safety of the trees, he shed his pack and his jacket. He took a swig out of a bottle of water and set it down. Where should he start?

Right now he didn’t feel any different than he had a week ago. No strange powers. No extra senses.

He walked around and took a few deep breaths, calming his nerves and letting his body relax. These things always worked better when the hero was relaxed. Or, in the Hulk’s case, very angry. Brady hadn’t been angry the other times he’d felt the power, so he was pretty sure it wasn’t that.

He’d hoped that the run would start something. The first time he’d felt the power had been while he was rushing forward to save that little kid. Apparently speed had nothing to do with it.

After a few seconds of breathing, he started to pace. He touched the trees, hoping he’d be able to feel them differently. Nothing.

He jogged in and out and around the trees, taxing his body. Nothing. He tried pushing the trees as well as climbing. Still nothing.

Brady kicked a rock and grunted.

Maybe some pushups.

That didn’t help either.

By the time he finished, his efforts at a shower had been fully erased. He shook his head, spraying sweat everywhere.

“Come on,” he said under her breath. “Just do it.”

Naturally, nothing happened.

Brady rubbed his face with his hands. “What isn’t happening?”

Okay, physical exertion hadn’t done it, maybe meditation would work. Finding his center, or whatever. He sat down on the damp earth and closed his eyes.

Brady had prepared a couple of meditation exercises he’d found online. He pictured himself sitting on the top of a mountain. Breathe. In, out. Fill the lungs, let it go. Try to think about nothing. Instead, everything popped into his mind. Super heroes, the woman on the train, his mother, Chan…

After five minutes—longer than he usually focused on anything besides a video game or a comic—he didn’t have anything but a lot of extra oxygen to show for his efforts.

Frustration took over, and he grit his teeth. He sighed and threw himself back on the ground.

The moment his shoulders hit, he felt it.

It was almost exactly like those moments in a movie when the main character touched something and saw a whole different world. Brady’s senses expanded, and he could feel in a way he’d never done before.




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