2022 in Review

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2022 in Review

This was not an easy year for me. My dad passed away unexpectedly, and my body decided to break repeatedly, resulting in major back surgery, among other things.

I wanted to get so much more written, but didn’t.

I’ve told you about the epic YA Space Opera I wrote…120k of pure awesome.

Or at least that’s what it was supposed to be. Instead, it was 120k of awesome writing but iffy plot. So, I scrapped it. For the second time in two years.

That thing is now my white whale, and I may never finish it. Or maybe I’ll have the perfect idea about how to fix it tomorrow and I’ll have it written in a few months.

I have no clue.

Here’s what I did get written in 2022 and what I hope to get written in 2023.

This is for both of my pen names.

Jo Schneider

I really do love this series!
Seriously, send good vibes so nothing catastrophic happens…

Karly Stratford

I wrote the first curvy girl book on a whim. I’m so glad I did!

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