June Book Update

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June Book Update

Hey all,

I’ve made a goal to read at least two books a month this year.

Sometimes I read a lot of books, and sometimes I don’t.

The following are the books I either read or listened to in June.

I’m way ahead of my goal so far. Mostly because I finally started walking in the mornings again (yay for a healing back), so I’m spending more time listening than I had been over the past few months.

Clean (Closed Door) RomCom
This is the same author that wrote Royally Re-arranged. I’d have to say this one was as good or better than that one. It’s a small-town set-up that will house at least four romcoms. I’m in love with the town and the characters! Would highly recommend for love and laughs.
Clean (Closed Door) RomCom
The first one was so good that I read the second one!
That alone should tell you how great these books are. I especially like a grumpy guy, and this story delivered in all the good ways.
An anthology of short stories by Jared Quan.
Quirky, strange, creepy, and in general fun. If you’re a fan of short stories, check this one out!
Adult Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
The world of this story is super cool. Humans are almost extinct and are fighting for their very survival. It took me a few chapters to get into this one, but once I was invested I was into the end!
If you like action, good conflicts, and vivid characters you’ll like this one. Plenty of swearing in here, if that’s a problem.
Adult Science Fantasy
I haven’t been in love with any of the newer Star Wars books. This one wasn’t bad. The tale of what happens to Ahsoka after Order 66 was interesting. If you’re an Ahsoka fan, you’ll like this one.
Bonus: I listened to this one, and the woman who did the voice for Ahsoka in the Clone Wars narrates this book!
Post-Apocalyptic horror
This is only on Audible, so if you’re only a reader move along. 😉
This is more a radio play than an audio book. Each character has their own narrator, and there are sound effects and background noise and music.
I almost jumped out of my skin once on a walk because of a vampire attack.
Did I mention it’s about vampires? Kind of a cool premise, to be honest. Much swearing in this one, FYI.

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