August Book Update

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August Book Update

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Hey all,

I made the goal to read 24 books this year. I’ve already reached that and then some!

Here’s the list of books I either read or listened to in July!

Romance with a touch of the paranormal
A delightful story involving a writer and her mostly dead editor. Loved the writing in this one.
(There is a bit of language in this one)
Old-School Sci Fi
I decided to try this classic. It’s slow, which is normal for the time, but has some very interesting ideas that I loved. Also, beautiful writing.
Romantic Comedy
I listened to this one and loved the narrators. Cute premise, great plot, and a satisfying ending. She’s sunshine and he’s a dreary day that needs a little light.
(There’s some language in this one toward the end)
YA/Middle Grade Fantasy
I listened to this one. Hilarious and fun, this book kept me laughing. It’s terribly ridiculous, and therefore charming. Kids will love it. You’ll never look at a librarian the same again.
Romantic Comedy
A movie star without a clue stays on an actual farm for the summer and re-meets the girl of his dreams. Plus, a kitten and icky farm substances. If this is your genre, read it!
Adult Fantasy / LITRPG
This reminds me of the Saturday morning cartoon Dungeons and Dragons, only so much better. A man from Earth thrown into a world of wizards, warriors, and leveling up. Seriously fun.

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