A New Release from Sarah Boucher and a Giveaway!

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A New Release from Sarah Boucher and a Giveaway!

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No, not The Golden Girl, but Golden Gown!


Not this.


The lovely and talented Sarah Boucher is at it again!

Her latest release, The Golden Gown, features a beautiful and determined heroine, a alluring and mysterious tailor, along with a feisty grandmother all in a flurry of mashed-up fairy tales that will keep you reading from the first page to the last!


Elyse has lost everything; her parents, her family home, and the village where she is loved and respected. Still grieving, she arrives in a new town where she must prove her skills as a seamstress. Overnight, she creates a gown stunning enough to catch the princess’s eye and win the community’s approval. With every eligible maiden clamoring for her designs, Elyse must do everything in her power to appease them. No one can ever know that in the moments when she doubts her abilities, a mysterious stranger with a talent for tailoring and a penchant for damsels in distress comes to her aid. If anyone ever discovers the truth, her reputation will be ruined.

Golden Gown is a blending of the classic fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin and The Shoemaker and The Elves. The magic of pure love woven through the tale will touch the hearts of all of its readers.

Get your copy now!

I already have my copy! Look how excited I am.


If one book isn’t enough for you, Sarah’s other books are on sale for 99 cents each!

Twelve Dancing Princesses and Beauty and the Beast…you know you want to.

One last thing:

We’ve got a Rafflecopter giveaway for an Amazon Gift Card.

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Now, to some of the story!

Every fairy tale needs a prince, right? Well, today you get to meet the Royal Family from The Golden Gown.

Just as the king in Rumpelstiltskin drives the story forward by demanding that the miller’s daughter spin straw out of gold, Golden Gown’s royal family also plays a special part in Elyse’s journey. The family includes the reigning king and queen, Francis and Dara; the crown prince, Henry, the princess, Caroline; and the Dowager Queen, Emmaline.

In general, the royal family keep to themselves, preferring to hobnob with those of an elevated station instead of interacting with commoners. Both Prince Henry and Princess Caroline have suffered romantic setbacks. Possibly it’s for this reason that they dream up the notion of throwing a ball anyone in the kingdom is welcome to attend. Including Elyse.

Enjoy this excerpt.

“Is that the seamstress?” a bright voice inquired as soon as I crossed the threshold into the princess’s suite of rooms. I didn’t dare look up.

“Yes, Your Highness,” the maid replied with a nod. “This is Elyse Morley, from Miss Rossini’s shop.”

“Oh, thank the stars you’ve finally arrived!” Skirts rustled as the princess drew closer. I hazarded a look upwards. Dark blonde curls framed a heart-shaped face with a tiny smile playing at her lips. “My own tailor has completely let me down! I had no idea what I would do until I heard of that beautiful gown. Have you brought it with you?”

I nodded and dug into my bag to extract the gown. She snatched it from my hand.

“Oh, Lynette, isn’t it sheer perfection?” She hugged it to her waist and twirled.

Lynette smothered a smile. Before she could answer, the princess continued on, “As soon as I saw it, I knew it was ideal for the Duke of Glasford’s upcoming visit.” She stopped twirling for a moment. “Of course it will need to be altered to make the most of my endowments. Do you think you can manage the task, Elyse?”

My attention snagged on the princess’s opulent bed chamber. It was large, bright, and filled with fine furniture. It took me a moment to realize that the princess had addressed me directly. “Y-yes, Your Highness.”

She waved me toward another slim-legged table with an equally elegant chair tucked underneath it. A full-length gilt mirror stood beside them. I hustled forward and laid out the contents of my satchel on the table while the princess peacocked in front of the mirror.

“Lynette, will you help me with this dress?” She waited while the maid helped her into the grey and lavender gown. “Are you ready Elyse? I really am in the most terrible rush today.”

“Oh yes, I—” I fumbled. I reminded myself that I had done this countless times before. “Of course, Your Highness.” I checked the length. The gown puddled slightly on the ground, but could easily be hemmed.

“I’ve never worn a ready-made dress,” the princess said, disappointment sketched over her features. “Can it be fixed?”

“Easily, Your Highness. I can finish the alterations by the end of the day.”

A broad smile burst over the princess’s face just as the door swung open.

“Caroline!” A man’s voice called out. “Another gown, dearest? Haven’t you several hundred already?”

“And haven’t you endless pairs of highly polished boots and expensive waistcoats, brother?”

I froze in place, crouched beside the princess with one pin clenched between my teeth. I hazarded a glance into the mirror. Behind me stood a tall blonde man clad in a jacket that spanned his broad shoulders and trousers that hugged his slim hips. His impossibly handsome face only became more impossibly handsome when he broke into a chuckle.

“You can’t fool me, Caro. You might like to know that I just received notice that Reginald is on his way.”

I was on the verge of stabbing a pin into the gown’s hem when the princess leapt straight at her brother. “I could just kiss you!” she said, before proceeding to cover his face with kisses.

“That’s quite enough of that.” He pushed her firmly away. “Isn’t your . . .” he waved a hand toward me, still crouching beside the mirror, “person waiting to finish your fitting?”

“Oh yes, I’d completely forgotten!” She stepped back into place before the glass. “Miss Morley is simply fabulous, Henry.” She winked at me. “I think I’ll make a pet of her.”

“Whatever you say, Caro.” The Crown Prince was already stepping toward the door. He tossed a grin over his shoulder, his eyes meeting mine for a second before he stepped out of the room and swung the door closed. “Invite her to the ball if you like.”

I blinked at the door, my heart thundering in my ears. The Crown Prince had invited me to a ball.






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