September Book Update

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September Book Update

Hey all,

I made the goal to read 24 books this year. I’ve already reached that and then some!

I think I’ve read at least four books every month up to this point, but September was hard.

I’m in the middle of a YA Sci-Fi that’s super long, so that’s taking me a while. I also got halfway through a sort of military thriller by an author I love, but because I got sick of the excessive killing and overabundance of awful language, I didn’t finish it.

Still, two books a month is the goal, so here’s the list of books I either read or listened to in September!

YA Dystopian
People rave about the style this book is written in. I found it distracting, especially in the audio version. However, if you’re a fan of the dystopian novels of 5-10 years ago then you’ll love this one. It’s got all the things.

Adult Romance/Mystery/Bundle of Chaos
If this was my family I would be the bad daughter and leave them in the dust. However, I loved the look into the culture, laughed at the way four aging women tried to dispose of a dead body, and enjoyed the romance.
Science Fiction
The third installment of the Bobiverse was super fun! It felt more like a story than book two but maintained the sciencey-ness of the earlier installments. Check this out if you like a mix of idea and character stories.

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