February Book Update

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February Book Update

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I made the goal to read 30 books this year.

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m pulling a Scotty here and aiming low so I’ll be oh so impressed with myself when I read more than that.

February turned out to be a good reading month, despite being at conferences for almost two week.

Here’s the list of books I either read or listened to in February!

Clean RomCom
Super cute book! Ben is about as adorable as they come. If you haven’t met the Wonder Boys yet, I suggest you dive in!
Military Science Fiction
Yes, the cover is kind of awful, but the book was fun! Great characters, good underdog story. Also, plenty of humor. (Some if it adult, just to warn you)
I listened to this one
Clean RomCom
The plot and characters for this book were great, but what really shined was the way the author told the story. I loved the voice of the characters. I LOL-ed a bunch of times!
Alternate History Sci-Fi
I read this one for the Whitney Awards, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it! Super powers (gifts), a woman disguised as a man in the army going after Napoleon, and an unexpected bit of romance that really worked.
(This one has very little language and sexual content, if that’s something you prefer)

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