April Book Update

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April Book Update

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I made the goal to read 30 books this year.

As of today I’m at 19. So, basically, I’m crushing this!

I may be reading longer books for a bit, so that will slow me down.

Here’s the list of books I either read or listened to in April.

Fantasy Romance
I was expecting more adventure than romance in this one…it’s more romance. Beautifully written and an intriguing world.
Cozy Mystery
Murder, an inheritance, a train wreck of a family, food (enough that I spent the whole time reading hungry) and a sweet little romance.
Epic Fantasy
Black steel swords, demon bone magic, fallen gods, heretics, political intrigue, and a whole lot of plot and action. This is book 3. I listened to it.
Clean RomCom
Confident (and hilarious) curvy girl. A hunky firefighter. Super cute!
Note: This was a 30 minute read. Perfect when you need a little fun romance in your day!

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